Modded Minecraft

How to setup your client

I have started a new modded server focusing on an Industrial era with Create and Immersive engineering and Immersive Railroading as the primary mods. Subscribers are able to join the server with the aim to split into groups and travel 5000-10000+ blocks away and build towns themed around the time with primary exports, which I will then be building rail lines to. This will give a good reason for towns to request trains to make journeys and deliveries between each during streams. I’m excited to see how the towns grow from this style of play!

The following are the instructions for setting up the client and there will also be a gallery to see what we have built so far.

Installing using the CurseForge Launcher

1. Download the Modpack Profile from #Sub-info in the Discord Server

2. Open the CurseForge Launcher, and click ‘mods’, then ‘Minecraft’, then ‘Create Custom Profile’

3. Click ‘Import’ in the Create Profile window and select the modpack from wherever you saved it.

4. Once installed, click on the image for the pack. Then, click the 3 dot icon next to “Play” on the right and open Profile Options.

5. Untick “use system memory settings”. Set this to at least 4GB. If you have less than 8GB of RAM in your PC, the modpack may struggle.

6. Launch the game and then head to Settings in the main menu and then Resource Packs. Enable all the packs except “Quark Programmer Art” in the resource pack menu in MC and hit “Done”. This may take a few minutes to apply as they are large packs.

7. Once this is done you should be good to join the server which you can find by just clicking on Multiplayer in the menu!

Note: I would recommend clicking the settings cog in the bottom left of CurseForge and setting it to “exit both CurseForge and Overwolf” when you close CurseForge.

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