Twitch Etiquette

Twitch is a live streaming platform, which means you have direct and immediate contact with creators and other viewers. Consequently, there is a generally expected standard of behaviour that is upheld amongst communities.

With the points below to help guide the way you conduct yourself on Twitch, you’ll be making friends in no time and fit right into any community you choose.

Channel Rules

Every channel has it’s own rules, make sure to read them. When you first join a channel and click in the message box you’ll see a popup with the rules in them, this will give you a good idea of what’s expected of you

Stream Info

Want to know more about the streamer and what they do? If the streamer is live simply scroll down and check out their info box with their various links and below that the custom panels made by the streamer.

What’s a Sub?

On Twitch Subscribers are not necessarily what you think. What you think of as subscribers on YouTube are called followers on Twitch, Subscribers are one step further costing a small amount of money a month to help support the streamer and get you their channel emotes to use across Twitch along with many other perks

Bot Timeouts

Most channels will have a bot that will automatically remove your messages if they have too many emotes or too much text, this is intended as a simple way to catch people doing bad. If you get caught by it don’t worry as the streamer will know that it often catches people out but is the safest option to keep chat clear and flowing

How to Play

Don’t tell the streamer how to play a game or spoil the upcoming events of a game, streamers will ask for help if they need it


Streamers will usually have a schedule you can check for when they’re live and often will schedule specific games. If you want to see the streamer play something else don’t ask them to change what they’re doing now but feel free to ask if they’ve played a game before and if not then they will often have a place to suggest the game rather than derailing the stream

Don’t Be a Creep

Streamers and Viewers are nice to each other to create a welcoming space, please don’t mistake that kindness for flirting, you will come off as creepy and just be making things uncomfortable. Avoid making comments about a streamers appearance or ask personal questions as they often just make people feel uncomfortable


If you have been timed out in chat, just take it on the chin. These things happen as part of learning how to act in a live community space and are aimed purely to keep chat on topic and flowing smoothly


Don’t promote yourself, your work, or other streamers in chat unless asked to do so by the streamer. It’s not fair to the streamer or to anyone in the chat.

Begging for a Subs

Never ask for a sub, it’s rude. Viewers choose to give subs in their own way and with their own hard earned money. If you can’t afford a sub try Prime gaming with an Amazon Prime trial or by picking up prime which comes with tons of other features for the cost

Emote Spamming

Don’t spam your own emote over and over. It’s fun you show your own emote but the other viewers in chat are there for the stream and not your content

Viewer Number

Don’t comment on the viewer number as this can put a streamer off their stride and is unfair to them. If the streamer isn’t talking about it then you needn’t either

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